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Urban Grow

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Role: Visual designer and UX writer

Tools: Miro, Google Docs

Outcome: UX Writing Research and Landing Page Concept

The Brief: Urban Grow is a gardening app that aims to connect the urban gardening community by providing a systems to plan, grow and how to look after and care for your crops using real time data, for example utilising a phones connection to remind users of the weather forecast and if they need to water their plants. Before Urban Grow can launch they want to make sure the copy within the helps app connects with the target audience.


Conversation Mining

Before any piece of content can be written for 'Urban Grow', how target users speak and communicate with one another was examined. By doing this it will help write copy that the target audience can relate to, and will let us zero in on important vocabulary to use in the Urban Grow app.

To begin the research and find how our target audience speaks, we need to comb through  online conversations of urban gardening enthusiasts.

Utilising the tool of Social Mining or Conversation mining, common platforms like instagram, reddit and online garden forums where mined.

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The Apps Voice: Persona

Part of creating a meaningful copy, voice & tone for Urban Grow is imagining it as a real person.

If our gardening app "Urban Grow" was a person, who would it be and how. would it sound?

Based on the research from conversation mining and understanding how target users speak and converse around the subject of urban gardening, it was explored what sort of character would appeal to the user in our target audience of novice and expert gardeners?

Once we had our persona in mind, we next wanted to drill down to define its personality, how it sounds and communicates to potential end users.

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Landing Page: Empty State

To begin the process of creating copy for the Urban Grow App and to see how this would work utilising the target users language from the conversation mining a landing screen was created. The landing screen was a great place to begin as this would be the first screen a users sees after downloading the app and would be their first call to action.

Scenario: Your users just installed the app and haven’t added any plants yet. Create a CTA for adding their first plant from the app’s plant database.

After adding their first plant, the app will then tell the user how and when to take care of it.


Limitations: Headline: 45 characters max, Body: 175 characters max and Button: 25 characters max

Option 1

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Option 2

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Option 3

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Option 4

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Option 5

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User Testing

To begin the testing 3 users were chosen, with all three with some form of knowledge and experience of gardening and growing.


To begin the context of the screens were explained and each user was asked to highlight their favourite version based on how clear it was to them. Each user was asked to explain their choices, what was clear and what resonated with them, as well as what didn’t.

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Final UX Copy

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