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EZ-Breathe, Smart Asthma Management

Project Overview


EZ-Breathe was an explorative research paper that I wrote, responding to the brief set within my cognition and technology module for my MSc Human Computer Interaction. The brief was to propose a novel design solution that draws on one or more of the novel technologies or models to solve a real world problem. 

Project Scope

Research and Design, Ubiquitous technology, UX Design, UI Design



  • Understand how technology is used to manage asthma and identify key market gaps and applications to improve asthma management.

  • To explore how ubiquitous computing and contextual awareness can support smart asthma management 

  • Create and explore a design concept for smart asthma management and explore if it would be possible.

Adobe Photoshop, XD


UX Designer (Research, Visual Design, Interaction Design)


Independent project


1 term (10 Weeks) 

Design Process

Screenshot 2021-08-08 at 17.05.44.png

A key part of my methodology for approaching the brief was using the double diamond process. Unlike the rigid structure of the method my process was not and quite often using this method there is a need to define when to best apply this model to research, design and development.


As this was a design research project, it involved a greater emphasis on the Discover (insight into the problem space) and the Define (the area to focus on) stages of the methodology. This involved first defining the problem the space of asthma management and really dedicate some time to understand the problem areas, different technology applications that can be utilised and current products on the market.


With a greater emphasis on the Discover and Define stages, this allowed for more divergent thinking to both understand and define the problem and opportunity and then to be comfortable exploring different opportunities. 

The Design Concept


EZ-Breathe is a research design concept that allows users to better monitor and take control of their asthma through the use of ubiquitous computing and contextual sensing. EZ-Breathe provides users with a connected asthma device that can provide a user deeper insights to manage their asthma, triggers and overall lung health.

To view the full research paper clink the link below.


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Project Reflection

At the start of the research design project the thought of a smart inhaler was somewhat infeasible, however after defining the problem area and exploring areas like smart asthma management and ubiquitous technology, no product of that kind of was currently available in the UK.


1. There is enormous potential for digital technology to improve many aspects of health and social care and the use of mobile devices can help to perform tasks more efficiently especially for remote monitoring and communication between health professionals.


2. EZ-Breathe aims to provide a ubiquitous solution to help individuals manage their asthma more effectively taking a more patient centric approach to the current asthma monitoring framework. 


3. However, EZ-Breathe would not be without its challenges, in recent studies by Laura et al (2013)  the ability to track information on the go is greatly valued, however context sensing features are often considered unnecessary and off-putting. Additionally, the use of health apps still present low interest and concerns over the data they collect 


4. Further research and user testing would need to be conducted on how the device would be used and accepted by users, along with how the sensors are integrated into an asthma device and cost.

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