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About Me.

I am a highly insightful and adaptable individual who thrives in ambiguity and I am comfortable switching contexts to apply design practice across a range of industries and projects. My passion is people and driving positive inclusive design, but my consultancy experience has taught me to understand the balance between user problems and design solution that meet measurable business goals and requirements.

My approach is to always think holistically about the bigger picture when designing, to bring strong original design thinking, whilst at the same time advocating for the users. I am resilient, open to sharing and continually want to grow and seek out new opportunities.

My emphatic approach to design helped secure me the 'Best in Product' category in the Creativepool Annual Design awards in 2016, for my innovative jar opener for elderly and arthritic users, take a look below it helped users open a jar with one finger and didn't look like a piece of stigmatising rubbish like many assistive aids.

In short, I like design, my passion is for people and creating better experiences for all. Throw in a bit of psychology and that's a good weekend for me.

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